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Leon Mege bands are always set very low for maximum comfort. Pave bands are set eternity style - stones cover the entire circumference of the ring. This signifies endless love and all that stuff.

Wedding bands set with stones cannot be sized.


GIA Antique cushion band r8249


r8210 Hamptons Eternity Wedding Band


r7811 Multi-colored sapphire band


Alternating Marquise Wedding band r8070


2.0 mm Grace wedding band r7314


Princess cut diamond wedding band r6080


2.8 mm Round Diamonds Band r7845


String Theory™ pink diamonds r4956


String Theory™ multi-color stack r5788


Hinged wedding band r5089


4 mm flexible wedding band r5631


6 mm flexible wedding band r5928


Megesaurus™ wedding band r4107


String Theory™ yellow diamond band r879


Hammered finish wedding band r7241


Bright-cut Pave Band "101" Selector


Le Coeur™ Wedding Band Selector


Millegrain Wedding Band r7267


Grooved wedding band 6mm r6205


String Theory™ diamond band r4967


Classic wedding band selector


The "Stolen" Band™ Selector

Special Order

The "Grace" Eternity Band 2mm r6999

Special Order
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