The "Stolen" Band™ Selector

The "Stolen" Band™ Selector

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Leon Mege unique and unusual wedding band with eternity-set round diamonds, each held with four miniature prongs in an individual "pod".

The "Stolen" Band™ is an exclusive design protected by copyright. 

The "Stolen" Band™ story:

Wouldn't it be wonderful to get all that publicity a jewelry store gets when an A-lister is caught red-handed trying to poach a jewel? We thought this band is so beautiful, that no celebrity (Lindsey, Britney, Paris…. etc.) could resist stealing it….and we promise to look away.

The scalloped profile is both beautiful and exceptionally functional allowing the band to fit over a large knuckle and yet feel snug on the finger. The "Stolen" Band™ is a great alternative to a shared prong design.

Every size of "Stolen" Band™ offers the following features and options:

  • maximum comfort due to a very low setting
  • stability and lack of spin thanks to scalloped profile hugging the finger
  • maximum security of each stone held by four petal-shaped prongs
  • could be easily resized by adding or removing stones
  • choice of different stone width: 2.5; 3.0; 3.5; 4.3
  • choice of gemstones other than diamonds
  • choice of other stone shapes such as cushions or Asschers (separate pricing)
  • choice of metal
  • premium diamond options: all certified, H&A stones, Collection grade (E/VVS)

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