Hinged wedding band r5089

Hinged wedding band r5089



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Whether you wear this ring to a black-tie dinner, to a benefit for a disabled rabbit, or to a biker's bar brawl, this ring will keep your wedding finger in a feather-like soft comfort. 

The flexible wedding band is geared for a sophisticated metro-sexual who prefers to use his hands at will.

By adopting the flex-design you can avoid the symbol of marital oppression cutting into your flesh when you grab shopping bags or load 3/4 inch pipes at Home Depot. 

It's about time for the men's liberation movement to show that comfort is not for ladies anymore.

The flexible wedding band comes in many different styles. They all have one common feature: hinged connections that allow the band to flex when pressed, thereby reducing discomfort, pain, blocked blood circulation or any other symptom associated with wearing a wedding band.

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