101™ Wedding band 4.2 mm

101™ Wedding band 4.2 mm

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Leon Mege series 101™ wedding bands are pure elegance and refined grace. We offer free overnight shipping within Continental US and no sales tax on items shipped outside of New York. All prices in USD. 

An eternal and traditional wedding band with a single row of pave. Our collection-grade diamonds are superior to any stones used in fine jewelry. We use F/VS+ "Above and Beyond Ideal Cut" diamonds exclusively.

Our stones have with zero fluorescence. All our stones are precision-calibrated to 0.001mm and are perfectly aligned.

Bright-cut pave consists of diamond rows set between mirrored walls positioned at a precise angle allowing the reflected light to illuminate the stones.

  • Every band is hand-forged in our workshop in New York.
  • Our bands are always set as low as possible, the band height is determined solely by the depth of the stones. 
  • Available in platinum, 18K rose or yellow gold.
  • Available with diamonds of any color as well as select gemstones.
  • Available in any desired width starting from 1.6 mm. Custom widths and sizes are available upon request. 
  • All our bands are eternity set - the diamonds cover the entire circumference of the ring. This signifies endless love and all that stuff.
  • Eternity bands cannot be sized.
  • Diamond weight varies depending on the band's width and your finger size. You will not be short-changed, we use the maximum possible diamond sizes that can fit a specific width of metal.
  • The smooth edges on both sides of the pave can be changed to a "millgrain" finish at no additional charge. Millgrain (miligrain) is a serrated pattern similar in appearance to an edge of a coin. 
  • Bands up to 2.2 mm in width are solid, bands 2.2 mm or wider feature ajour - rectangular openings on the back of each stone designed to add intricacy, remove dead weight and allow the stones


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