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Authentic True Antique™ cut diamonds by Leon Megé are classic, magnificent and unique. Buying directly from us will guarantee the lowest price and the best selection.

The stones are available exclusively for use in Leon Mege pieces.

QUOTED PRICE is inclusive of a custom made mounting. Please indicate the style in your request.

Read about our True Antique™ Cushions  here               Cutting Antique cushions - watch VIDEO


Product Carat Color Clarity Fluor Measurements Quote Request
1.02 I VS2 F 5.91x5.34x4.34
0.93 I VS2 N 5.92x5.75x4.1
0.94 F SI1 N 6.83x5.63x2.97
0.92 I SI1 N 5.92x5.47x3.79
1.01 G SI1 N 6.84x5.73x3.19
1.09 F VS2 N 5.92x5.2x4.54
1.13 I VS1 N 6.84x6.77x3.31
1.02 G VVS2 N 5.92x5.73x4.03
1.67 H SI1 N 6.85x6.77x5.31
1.13 E SI1 N 5.93x5.29x4.48
1.01 H SI1 N 6.85x6.13x2.84
1.02 E SI1 N 5.93x5.88x3.97
1.20 K SI1 N 6.85x6.16x3.56
1.04 G SI1 N 5.93x5.72x3.98
0.94 G IF N 6.85x6.21x2.68
0.90 D SI1 N 5.93x5.63x3.67
1.43 J VS2 N 6.86x6.62x4.5
1.16 E SI1 N 5.94x5.29x4.31
1.50 G SI1 N 6.86x6.37x4.51
1.29 I SI1 M 5.94x5.76x4.69
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