Sourcing Diamonds from Leon Mege

Spend LESS, not more, on your perfect diamond

Sourcing your stone directly through Leon Mege will save you money.

Diamonds are cheaper than psychiatrists


Diamonds listed on the diamond trading network are accessible by every member of the trade. A Leon Mege membership affords you the direct access to every stone on the market.

Rough diamonds by Leon MegeBy enlisting us as your agent, it is assured that you will pay the absolutely lowest price for the stone.

While the choice of a diamond supplier rarely matters, since prices are public, margins are small, and gem certificates guarantee the authenticity and quality of the stone we add, choosing us will assure not only that your stone is beautiful but compatible with the style and design of your ring as well. You will save a lot by buying a stone with a ring from us.

Not only will you be able to afford better color and clarity, but potentially will be able to get a bigger and better cut stone. We offer superbly cut GIA graded stones selected by Leon Mege personally.

Global Diamond Dynamic Neural Locator Leon Mege


Try our state of the art intelligent diamond search - Global Diamond Dynamic Neural Locator available here

Until very recently only professionals had access to it, but now the barrier is broken. The search is offered exclusively to our site visitors.


Essentials - buying your first diamond

  • GIA is the gold standard for diamond grading. Make sure your diamond has a GIA certificate.
  • A round diamond costs significantly more than any other shape.
  • A diamond of the same weight does not necessarily have the same size.
  • Searching for stones on various websites yields the same listings. Read more
  • Antique cushions and Asschers cost approximately 10% more than modified cushions or square emeralds. It is worth every penny.
  • Getting a smaller, but a higher quality stone is the smartest decision to make.
  • Stones with H-I-J-K color might benefit from strong blue fluorescence as long as it does not make them look milky or hazy.
  • “Ideal cut” is not an official grade. All stones with GIA triple-X grade (excellent cut, polish, symmetry) are ideal-cut diamonds.
  • A diamond is a three-dimensional object - using light performance gizmos like IdealScope or ASET cone will not paint the complete picture of the diamond’s true appearance.
  • Almost all “Independent” blogs are set up and run by PAID agents of online retailers who get a kick-back bonus when you click on the links.
  • Public forums are awash with shills and agents looking to steer clients to specific vendors.
  • A diamond is only as good as the ring holding it.
  • Any stone looks larger when mounted.
  • A diamond’s color is on average reduced by 2 grades by dirt and grime during a normal wear.


A diamond is your avatar, it represents you when you are not around, make sure it’s a cool one.
It takes a big man to buy a big diamond; It takes a smart man to buy a good one.


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