Final payment must be cleared by our bank before we ship a product.


Special arrangements, exceptions and accommodations must be cleared by our customer service in writing and approved by the owner prior to any transaction taking place.
Payment is not complete until our bank says so. We will email a confirmation once the funds have been cleared.






Wire transfer acceptance is a cornerstone of a good business by Leon MegeWire transfer

Overseas wires may take up to 5 business days to clear. Domestic wires may take up to three business days depending on the type of the service. It is best to avoid the “three day wire” option and use “instant wire” instead. All additional fees deducted by banks from the amount we receive are the customer’s responsibility.

Click here for wire transfer information

Leon Mege will accept a personal check. Why not?Personal checks

Personal checks and bank checks must be drawn from US banks only.
It may take up to 10 business days for a personal check to clear. We reserve the right to refuse acceptance of any personal check as a form of payment for any reason.

Bank checks and money orders

Bank checks and money orders issued by US banks or the Post Office are treated as cash.
A bank check in the amount of $5,000 will be treated as a personal check and must be cleared prior to money being credited to your account accordingly.

Direct Bank Deposit

Money can be deposited directly into our business account. A deposit can be made at any Citibank branch free of charge and without any limitation.


Financing is available for eligible customers through an exclusive arrangement with Citibank.
While Leon Mege is facilitating your need for financing, the actual line of credit is provided by Citibank. An online application is required, and the amount of money for your purchase will depend on your credit history. The line of credit is subject to a finance charge by Citibank.  For more information, please click here.

Credit CardsPay by credit card take home a fabulous Leon Mege piece of jewelry

Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards are accepted for purchases made using website checkout without any additional fees added. A signed form is required for every credit card purchase.

For all other purchases or payments a convenience fee of 3% will be added.

A retainer of up to $400 could be charged on a credit card without additional fees.

Foreign bank-issued credit cards are not accepted.

Credit card fees are NON-REFUNDABLE - they will be deducted from the amount being refunded.


CashCash is accepted by Leon Mege

“Cash is King,” and therefore is undeniably a welcomed way to settle an account. However, all US government restrictions and regulations regarding transactions in cash will be strictly observed.

Attempts to negotiate a better deal involving a form of payment that will circumvent the law will be reported to the IRS. Obligatory forms must be filed for cash payments over $10,000 and reported to the US Government.



Please consult this page for all applicable fees