Four Seasons magazine 2017

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Leon Mege Four Season 2017

Le Frisson De La Chasse - French on romance. For the French, the chase is more exciting than the quarry. Occasionally, we feel compelled to just give in.

This Holiday season we offer wide range of one-of-a-kind pieces to satisfy your partner’s tireless je ne sais quoi by presenting her with a rare Brazilian Paraiba dazzled with mysterious icy fire.

The Windex-blue natural Paraiba contrasts with vivid yellow diamonds covering all surfaces except the edge which is set with F-color white diamonds.

3.36 carat of "Random Pave" feature a variety of diamond sizes. Slight variations in color and tone are typical for natural diamonds.



Available for purchase Brazilian Paraiba with yellow diamonds r7504

Available for purchase Unheated 1.61 ct ruby ring r7438

Available for purchase 4.13 ct Mon Cheri™ ring r7510

Available for purchase 4.90 carat Kashmir sapphire r6319

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