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Finest custom made jewelry and designs.

Official jeweler of “I will, but let me see the ring first...”


Diamond Cluster Ring r7715

Kashmir Sapphire Ring r6319 

"The Star Of Exodus" Sapphire Ring r7662

Brazilian Paraiba with yellow diamonds r7504




Leon Mege JCK 2017

Distinctive custom made statement ring featuring a Paraiba tourmaline cabochon.

AGTA Prism Magazine

vol 1-2018


Leon Mege AGTA PRISM 2018

Platinum "La Petite" bracelet with nine ring charms featuring Rubies, Aquamarines, Garnets, Amethysts, Sapphires, Tourmalines, and Spinels.

Available for purchase HERE

2017 agta prism vol 3 2017 leon mege

AGTA Prism Magazine

vol 3-2017


"Bellflower" ring featuring a 3.28 carat cabochon sapphire accented with diamonds and sapphires 

Available for purchase HERE

Platinum "La Petite" bracelet with nine ring charms featuring Rubies, Aquamarines, Garnets, Amethysts, Sapphires, Tourmalines, and Spinels.

Available for purchase HERE


2017 Spectrum award Bridal Platinum sapphire ring leon mege ring press

2017 spectrum award Business Day Wear Platinum Innovation Leon Mege La Petite bracelet press


Images courtesy of AGTA, Brian Moghadam Photography

Leon Mege Four Season 2017 cover Four Season 2017


Leon Mege Four Season 2017

Le Frisson De La Chasse - French on romance. For the French, the chase is more exciting than the quarry. Occasionally, we feel compelled to just give in.

This Holiday season we offer wide range of one-of-a-kind pieces to satisfy your partner’s tireless je ne sais quoi by presenting her with a rare Brazilian Paraiba dazzled with mysterious icy fire.

The Windex-blue natural Paraiba contrasts with vivid yellow diamonds covering all surfaces except the edge which is set with F-color white diamonds.

3.36 carat of "Random Pave" feature a variety of diamond sizes. Slight variations in color and tone are typical for natural diamonds.



Available for purchase Brazilian Paraiba with yellow diamonds r7504

Available for purchase Unheated 1.61 ct ruby ring r7438

Available for purchase 4.13 ct Mon Cheri™ ring r7510

Available for purchase 4.90 carat Kashmir sapphire r6319

Leon Mege on cover of JNA magazine December 2016!


Leon Mege ring on cover of JNA magazine 2016


Designer finds niche in handmade jewellery scene


By Marie Feliciano

Known tor his "bench made" jewellery pieces, New York-based Leon Mege loves creating wearable treasures with his own hands — from forming various shapes out of metal sheets and wires to setting polished gemstones into his special mountings.

In an interview with JNA, the award-winning designer talks about his love for bespoke platinum jewellery; his fascination with "Pigeon blood“ rubies.

Kashmir sapphires and Windex-coloured Brazilian Paraiba tourmalines: and his business plans tor 2017.


JNA: What made you decide to start your own jewellery brand?

Leon Megé: An overabundance of uncompromising creativity.


JNA: How did you manage to carve a niche in a market that is highly competitive?

Megé: By focusing only on high iewellery made entirely by hand. no casting. no CAD/CAM: I earned a significant following among people who appreciate only the finest. I am committed to the slowly dying art of making jewellery by hand. There are plenty of designers who make Jewellery by hand but not the type of the iewellery I am specialising in - platinum couture.


JNA: How do you strike a balance between the business side and the creative aspect of the business?

Megé: Art is a work without a middleman between the Artist and the Nature.

Since being an artist is more important for me, I always err on the creative side at the expense of business success. Making money is nice, but it‘s not the ultimate goal in life. What is the ultimate goal? I don‘t know. Once I am done rereading Tolstoy. I‘ll email you the answer.

JNA: You love using coloured gemstones in your jewellery pieces. Which are your favourite gems and why?

Megé: I consider the following three gemstones my favourites: Pigeon blood rubies. Kashmir sapphires and Windex-coloured Brazilian Paraiba. I would need need to spend days explaining why, but I don’t have that much time.

Ruby - my birthstone is the most passionate gem ever, it's "crystallized love" the way l see it.

Kashmir - the most amazing and mysterious, with its magical velvety colour. Once I saw one. I was floored. One day, I said to myself, I will own a Kashmir. Not Ceylon, not Burma, but Kashmir — a cosmic galaxy in a speck of a blue abyss.

Paraiba is an essence of happiness that you can take with you no matter where you are. Its electric colour will jolt you back to happiness, no matter who is president.

JNA: What differentiates your jewellery creations from those produced by other designers?

Megé: I am a traditional minimalist I create pieces that are subtle. their shapes and forms are classic, and they are all floral-based. As a designer I feel I am closer to a florist or a composer. A florist doesn't create the beautiful flowers but simply arranges them.

A composer doesn't create new notes. They already exist, as well as the piano and other instruments. But what we do — we add a new property to the subiect of our art, be it flowers, gemstones, sounds that don't exist in nature — a power of composition.


JNA: With social media. has it made it easier for independent jewellers to break into the mainstream market?

Megé: Yes and no. Social media blurred the distinction between a real designer and a self-promoting hack. So tar. the hacks are winning.

Unfortunately. people are gullible to trust those who have more lnstagram followers than real professionals who actually work with their hands and don’t have time to like, chat, follow and comment.

JNA: Which of your most recent accomplishments are you most proud of?

Megé: My latest accomplishment is Cleopatra — a kitten I adopted from a shelter. She has six paws due to a rare genetic mutation. She is very cute.


JNA: What exciting projects are you working on for 2017?

Megé: I created a new category of iewellery — “affordable couture" (to be trademarked). This is something new and exciting — finest lewellery that even a person with a relatively small budget will be able to afford, yet made with the same duality and precision as other pieces worth millions.


Never Say Cool - World Design Rankings

Bohemian sangria-colored garnet statement ring was mentioned in Contemporary Jewelry Design Group's Fall / Holiday Look Book.

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Never Say Cool - World Design Rankings

Statement ring r5793 is featured in the "Fresh + Green" story.
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Martha Stewart Wedding Fall 2016

Fresh + Green

Never Say Cool - World Design Rankings


World Design Rankings - Featuring Leon Mege

The World Design Rankings A’Design Award was created to serve as an avenue to showcase the best and most creative designs from all over the world. The rankings can serve as relevant information to anyone looking into good designs, from businessmen, economists, and even journalists specializing in the design industry. The rankings come in a wide range of variations, showing how some countries and individual designers excel in certain categories over others.

As of December 29, 2015, the United States of America ranked first out of 83 countries in the World Design Rankings for the year 2015.

United States of America’s Top Rank Statistics

While it has received awards from across the categories, the 2015 top ranking country has proven to excel at Furniture, Decorative, Items, and Homeware Design after receiving a total of 47 awards. The United States of America also got 27 awards for Jewelry, Eyewear, and Watch designs, and 20 awards for Packaging Design.

Jewelry, Eyewear, and Watch Design.

Ranked as the 6th most competitive category in the list, this category focuses on the world’s best watches, rings, bracelets, and other jeweled accessories. Leon Mege of the United States was the third top designer, following Connectedevice Ltd from Hong Kong (1st) and Brazil Murgel Contemporary Jewelry from Brazil (2nd).

Mege’s had received awards for his Maestro Ring design in 2012, and his La Petite Necklace and Charm collection in 2011. Mege has had a passion for jewelry since his college years, despite having both parents in the sciences.

Other US designers that also got into the top ten of this category were Samira Mazloom (6th), Takayas Mizuno (7th), and Jimin Jung (8th). There are a total of 9 US designers awarded under this category.

Leon Megé Maestro Ring

Leon Megé La Petite Collection

Martha Stewart Weddings Fall 2015


Engagement ring r6295 is featured in the "From Hear to Eternity" story.
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