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Acquiring diamonds directly from Leon Mege will get you a perfect stone for your ring style. We will price match any diamond of your choice, guaranteed.


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                                                                                              Leon_Mege_Oval_cut_diamond.png       Leon_Mege_Pear_Shape_diamond.png      Leon_Mege_Marquise_cut_diamond.png     Leon_Mege_Modern_Cushion_diamond.png 

                                                                                                       Leon_Mege_Radiant_cut_diamond.png        Leon_Mege_Heart_Shape_cut_diamond.png       Leon_Mege_Princess_cut_diamond.png



6.02 ct E/VS2 in 313™ ring r7622

"Royal Turban" 1.96 ct Kashmir r7363

Gubelin "Pigeon blood" 1.61 ct ruby r7438

6.97 ct sapphire Montpassier™ ring r7859

"Poppy Flower" ring r1241

Natural hot-pink sapphire ring r7626

Heart shaped rubies drop earrings e3377

Certified Bohemian garnet ring r7212

35.73 ct Pink morganite with micro pave r5924

The "Magic Blue Pill" micro pave ring r7777

Arcata Earrings e7661

"Waterfall" earrings e7790

Burma Moonstone r4827

1.66 H/SI2 OEC r6459

Art Deco South Sea Black Pearls e8226

Chandelier earrings e7217

"Fiore" ring with 1.07 I/SI2 OEC r7385

"Barie" drop earrings e7776

Detachable drop earrings e7604

Tsavorites and pearls drops e8257

Magic Fern Sapphire Deco ring r7810

Bellflower™ 3.28 ct sapphire ring r7201

Exclusive Heidy™ ring r7768

r8210 Hamptons Eternity Wedding Band

Haute Couture Ruby Necklace p5169

“La Petite” charm bracelet b7482

Reversible "Shambhala" pendant p7320

“811” halo with color change spinel GIA r7812

Montpassier™ three-stone ring r7802

Diamond florette earrings e7374

Hand carved enamel frog cufflinks c0005

r7811 Multi-colored sapphire band

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