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Acquiring diamonds directly from Leon Mege will get you a perfect stone for your ring style. We will price match any diamond of your choice, guaranteed.


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                                                                                              Leon_Mege_Oval_cut_diamond.png       Leon_Mege_Pear_Shape_diamond.png      Leon_Mege_Marquise_cut_diamond.png     Leon_Mege_Modern_Cushion_diamond.png 

                                                                                                       Leon_Mege_Radiant_cut_diamond.png        Leon_Mege_Heart_Shape_cut_diamond.png       Leon_Mege_Princess_cut_diamond.png


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6.02 ct E/VS2 in 313™ ring r7622

"Royal Turban" 1.96 ct Kashmir r7363

6.97 ct sapphire Montpassier™ ring r7859

Natural hot-pink sapphire ring r7626

Certified Bohemian garnet ring r7212

The "Magic Blue Pill" micro pave ring r7777

Arcata Earrings e7661

"Waterfall" earrings e7790

Burma Moonstone r4827

1.66 H/SI2 OEC r6459

Art Deco South Sea Black Pearls e8226

Chandelier earrings e7217

"Fiore" ring with 1.07 I/SI2 OEC r7385

Detachable drop earrings e7604

Tsavorites and pearls drops e8257

Magic Fern Sapphire Deco ring r7810

Bellflower™ 3.28 ct sapphire ring r7201

Exclusive Heidy™ ring r7768

r8210 Hamptons Eternity Wedding Band

Haute Couture Ruby Necklace p5169

“La Petite” charm bracelet b7482

1.01 J/VS1 round diamond halo r7185

“811” halo with color change spinel GIA r7812

Montpassier™ three-stone ring r7802

r7811 Multi-colored sapphire band

South Sea pearl diamond ring r7649

Mandarin garnet three-stone ring r7199

Rare Rhodonite Cab Ring r8072

811™ halo ring with EC Blonde™ moissanite r7801

Cold Fusion™ halo ring r7805

Blue cushion sapphire 1.48 carat r7515

GIA 0.83 Antique cushion diamond ring r7184

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