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Acquiring diamonds directly from Leon Mege will get you a perfect stone for your ring style. Browse diamonds here







Magic Fern Sapphire Deco ring r7810

"Waterfall" earrings e7790

r7811 Multi-colored sapphire band

6.97 ct sapphire Montpassier™ ring r7859

The "Magic Blue Pill" micro pave ring r7777

Natural hot-pink sapphire ring r7626

Honey Tourmaline ring r7229

Lotus with Montana-blue sapphire r7381

Blue cushion sapphire 1.48 carat r7515

1.44 carat Asscher cut sapphire r7416

1.28 carat Asscher cut natural sapphire r7419

“La Petite” charm bracelet b7482

Lotus™ ring by Leon Megé r7383

"Royal Turban" 1.96 ct Kashmir r7363

Bellflower™ 3.28 ct sapphire ring r7201

Montpassier™ pink sapphire ring r6707

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