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Leon Mege is a master of three-stone rings, and the combination of round diamonds with pear shape sides is one of his favorites. We favor super-ideal cut diamonds like this 2.72-carat GIA certified stone.

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Some of you are probably going to say, - I cannot afford such a stone, but I love this ring.


What can you do for me? Simple answer: Leon Mege will match your style and budget to our vast collection of diamonds and gemstones to find the perfect stone.


So we can find a smaller stone and scale side stones to match its size, so the proportions between the stones will stay the same.


When facing up, there will be hardly any difference.


We can also use lower color diamonds.


It is recommended to keep the diamond's color I-and above as graded by the GIA.


Lastly, there is always an option to consider a lab-grown diamond instead of a natural.


We work with you to make your custom work experience collaborative and enjoyable.


Our goal is to make sure you are absolutely delighted with your ring and choose to come back for any jewelry needs in the future!


greencheck.png  Any settings can be customized to fit your unique taste.

greencheck.png  We work with customers all over the world.

greencheck.png  We can adapt any design to accommodate&


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