100 Anniversary of Suffragette Movement e8119

100 Anniversary of Suffragette Movement e8119


Bespoke Tsavorite and Diamond drop earrings by Leon Mege.

The Suffragette movement of the late 1800s is one of the earliest women's organizations to fight for women's equality and their right to vote.

The Suffragettes were persecuted for voicing their opinions, all the while enduring arson, loss of property, and jail.

Their colors, green and purple, symbolize dignity and hope.
Leon Mege celebrates the upcoming 100th Anniversary of Women's Suffrage by creating this beautiful pair of earrings matching the ring.

The earrings are set with 10 carats of rare Royal purple rhodolite and vivid green garnets.
There is a total of 0.28 carats of F/VS diamonds ( 4 stones)

The earrings are approx.  30 mm ( 1 1/4") in length

Lighter than a feather, absolutely flexible at every joint, platinum, earrings handmade WITHOUT the use of CAD or casting.

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The earrings are approx.  30 mm ( 1 1/4") in length


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