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Shape Carat weight Grade Lab Certificate Request price
OEC 1.52 F/VS1 GIA 2195629222 Quote
OEC 1.50 G/VS2 GIA 5181185058 Quote
OEC 1.57 I/VS1 GIA 1176510467 Quote
OEC 1.56 J/VS1 GIA 1172082367 Quote
OEC 1.59 I/VS1 GIA 5161500809 Quote
OEC 1.53 J/VS1 GIA 2195794634 Quote
OEC 1.51 H/VS1 GIA 2185206287 Quote
OEC 1.51 D/VS2 GIA 2195397689 Quote
OEC 1.52 G/VVS2 GIA 1152283560 Quote
OEC 1.55 I/VS2 GIA 1196201922 Quote
OEC 1.52 I/VS2 GIA 1206460565 Quote
OEC 1.56 D/VS2 GIA 2165296210 Quote
OEC 1.52 J/VS2 GIA 1142587621 Quote
OEC 1.57 I/VVS2 GIA 1172684533 Quote
OEC 1.60 H/VS1 GIA 5192620486 Quote
OEC 1.66 I/VVS2 GIA 5171414129 Quote
OEC 1.65 J/VS2 GIA 2171128075 Quote
OEC 1.50 I/VS2 GIA 5192894758 Quote
OEC 1.63 J/VS1 GIA 1192432983 Quote
OEC 1.60 H/VS1 GIA 5151228938 Quote
OEC 1.69 D/VVS2 GIA 1172294364 Quote
OEC 1.63 J/VS2 GIA 5201098134 Quote
OEC 1.55 G/VS2 GIA 5192348686 Quote
OEC 1.53 J/VS1 GIA 2185525993 Quote
OEC 1.57 I/VS1 GIA 2185912805 Quote
OEC 1.66 J/VS2 GIA 2175512875 Quote
OEC 1.56 J/VS2 GIA 5171501833 Quote
OEC 1.50 I/VS2 GIA 5171602183 Quote
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Modern solitaire featuring a unique Old European cut diamond. An added essence of glamour and antiquity, this Old European cut diamond solitaire embraces a refined yet unmistakably vintage appeal.  It is perfectly embodied with a double claw prong and a uniform shank.


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