Leon Mege hand-forged engagement ring set. Leon Mege hand-forged engagement ring set. The 301™ solitaire ring is accompanied by the 101™ style custom-fit curved matching wedding band.

Leon Mege engagement rings of this 301™ are often compared to Cartier 1875-style of engagement rings, but Mege bespoke craftsmanship is clearly superior to similar-looking casted Cartier-esque rings.

Both ring s are set with a matching bright-cut diamond pave.

The concept of using a fitted wedding band is outdated and shown here only to illustrate the possibility of such work by our craftspeople.

Nevertheless, we advise NOT to consider a curved wedding band. Read our wedding band prime

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  • Round diamond
  • Bright-cut pave
  • Single claw prongs
  • Cathedral shank
  • Hand forged platinum

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