"LookUP" pendant p7784

"LookUP" pendant p7784

Leon Mege LookUP™ Collection is sold exclusively by the finest jewelry retailers.

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Allow Leon Mege dazzling message set with 74 natural rubies and diamonds to gleam endlessly and pointedly.

Leon Mege has created his LookUP™ collection inspired by the journey from personal experience to emotional return from the darkest past.
The collection of micro-pave set pendants in many languages convey the same message "My soul is in my eyes".

The collection offers multiple pave options: natural rubies, sapphires of any color, spinels, garnets and of course diamonds.
Each pendant is set with 74 stones weighing approximately 0.80 carats total. Each pendant comes with 18" chain (18K rhodium-plated white gold)

The stock sample (pictured) is set with rubies and carbonado (black diamonds) in antiqued 18K white gold.

The hallmark Artisan Pave allows diamonds and rubies to dance effortlessly around the pendant conveying an important message to wandering eyes. Sometimes the eyes need a road sign to point in the right direction.

Drop a Hint


  • 42 natural black diamonds 0.40 carat total
  • 23 natural rubies 0.30 carat total
  • 9 full cut white diamonds 0.04 carat total
  • 18K white gold and platinum
  • 18" 18K white gold chain


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p7784 m3518 w

p7784 m3510 wy

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