HuKi™ studs with sapphires and diamonds e7764

HuKi™ studs with sapphires and diamonds e7764



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A kiss without a hug is like a one-colored rainbow - an empty exchange of guarded politeness.

But once coupled with a close embrace the kiss becomes something else: a lightning bolt of emotions, electrifying charge of primordial energy, a potpourri of subtle emotions and feelings.

Are you ready for it?

Leon Mege newest collection of multicolored studs - the New Age icon standing for "Hugs and Kisses", is a clever design with two contrasting symbols in exuberant colors bursting with vibrancy.

HuKi™ studs are crafted with excessive details and perfection. Customized with diamonds, gemstone and metal of your choice.

HuKi comes in a variety of colors in 18K gold, equipped with comfortable push-back nuts.

Available in all kind of fun color combinations of natural gemstones, brilliant cut sapphires, diamonds, tsavorites, etc.

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