Honey Tourmaline in a pink gold ring with white and red diamonds micro pave by Leon Mege.

Honey Tourmaline ring r7229

This ring is your antidote to all things ordinary. Inspired by the five basic tastes (sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness) and a wanderlust for Umami, the ring combines precious metals and sparkling jewels, hand selected and carefully crafted in Leon Mege's New York workshop.

Richly decorated ring with 8.53 carat "Honey" tourmaline designed by world's famous designer Leon Mege.

It is set with white and red diamonds (red diamonds are irradiated - they are nuked to cause them change their color.)

No residual radiation is to be feared for, irradiating is a perfectly natural process mimicking processes occurring in Nature.


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  • 8.53 carat cushion "Honey" tourmaline
  • 78 full cut treated red diamonds 1.25 carat total weight
  • 16 full cut diamonds 0.21 carat total weight
  • Single claw prongs
  • 18K rose gold / 18K white gold

Finger size:

US - 5 3/4
Français - 52
But of course! - L 1/4
Deutsche - 16 1/4
日本語 - 11