Honey Tourmaline ring r7229

Honey Tourmaline ring r7229



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This fashionable 18K-rose/white gold ring is your antidote to all things ordinary. Inspired by the five basic tastes (sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness) and a wanderlust for Umami, the ring combines precious metals and sparkling jewels, hand selected and carefully crafted in Leon Mege's New York workshop.

Richly decorated and set with 8.53-carat natural "Honey" tourmaline, measuring 14.8 x 10.40 mm, the ring is designed by world's famous designer Leon Mege.

It is set with 16 white and 78 fancy red diamonds (red diamonds are irradiated - they are nuked in order to cause them to change their color.)

No residual radiation is to be feared of, irradiation is a perfectly safe treatment mimicking naturally occurring radiation.


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