Suggested Stones


The stones are available for purchase from Leon Mege Diamond Ambassador service.
Availability is subject to change without notice.

Side stone guide We guarantee the lowest price.

More stones that will work well with this style could be suggested. Please call us (212) 768-3868

Shape Carat weight Grade Lab Certificate Request price
Heart 3.01 D/VVS2 GIA 7291719207 Quote
Heart 3.01 E/VS2 GIA 5101471311 Quote
Heart 3.01 F/VS1 GIA 6312604984 Quote
Heart 3.01 F/VS1 GIA 2151072913 Quote
Heart 3.03 D/VS1 GIA 5151381010 Quote
Heart 3.01 D/VS1 GIA 5151345532 Quote
Heart 3.05 E/VVS2 GIA 1136716491 Quote
Heart 3.01 I/VVS2 GIA 1186528621 Quote
Heart 3.03 H/VS2 GIA 2195310987 Quote
Heart 3.07 I/VS1 GIA 5286610686 Quote
Heart 3.01 H/VS2 GIA 2195153092 Quote
Heart 3.02 D/IF GIA 2286027831 Quote
Heart 3.08 E/VS2 GIA 7286402837 Quote
Heart 3.25 F/VS1 GIA 6137474449 Quote
Heart 3.02 E/VS2 GIA 2171861725 Quote
Heart 3.03 J/VS2 GIA 5286112421 Quote
Heart 3.01 F/VVS1 GIA 1152642620 Quote
Heart 3.11 D/VVS2 GIA 1192582945 Quote
Heart 3.21 J/VS2 GIA 1149641097 Quote
Heart 3.23 I/VS1 GIA 2135587358 Quote
Heart 3.03 F/VS2 GIA 17620506 Quote
Heart 3.03 E/VS2 GIA 10835431 Quote
Heart 3.02 H/VS1 GIA 1156254125 Quote
Heart 3.01 F/VS2 GIA 1156145654 Quote
Heart 3.01 G/VVS1 GIA 6147462232 Quote
Heart 3.40 G/VS1 GIA 2183851353 Quote
Heart 3.41 F/VS2 GIA 2151154298 Quote
Heart 3.24 G/VS2 GIA 5191831452 Quote
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411™ solitaire ring, featuring 3.04 carat heart shape diamond.

Three single claw prongs.

Bespoke craftsmanship, handmade in platinum.

All Leon Mege jewelry is hand forged, we do not use casting to make engagement rings.


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