The idea for the pendent came about after Leon Mege was strolling through London’s Sir John Soane’s Museum, where he was inspired by the objects collected by Charles Darwin on his voyages.

Ascribing meaning to objects, whether they be charms, amulets or talismans, isn’t new. Neanderthals used amulets in burials as far back as 25,000 BC. In contrast to charms and amulets like the evil eye or rabbit’s foot are thought to protect the wearer from danger, the talismans are said to reenergize the owner with positive power.

Vividly colored red rhodonite and green tsavorite garnets have been steeped in mythology and history for thousands of years. This couture pendant with its unique custom-made setting in antiqued silver and rose gold calls on the power of the Gods and Goddesses, the Romans and the Greeks, Pharoahs, religions, philosophers, and medieval times, and hands it to you to wear daringly on your chest.

Featuring rare rhodonite cabochons adorned with tsavorite garnets on the side. These darling, yet daring stones are secured in bezels held with a raised lip that overlaps, embraces, and encircles each gem, keeping it just for you to call on for strength and bravery.

Drop a Hint



  • Rare gem-grade Rhodonite cabochons - over 15 carat total
  • Bezel set tsavorite garnets
  • Antique silver 
  • 18K Rose gold
  • Black silk rope

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