Bellflower™ 3.28 ct sapphire ring r7201

Bellflower™ 3.28 ct sapphire ring r7201

2017 AGTA Spectrum Awards Winner

Bellflowers are just lovely and elegant flowers that are reborn anew every spring when winter harshness falls away and the sun brings new growth and opportunities to the world.

Like a diamond-encrusted blue bellflower, this beautiful ring has an incredible 223 single cut diamonds that gently hugging and holding up a majestic 3.28 carat cabochon sapphire.

This bellflower sapphire ring is like the re-birth of a beautiful, pure blue perennial in spring, rising from its middle. It seems to be lovingly held and supported by the strength and clarity of an abundance of diamonds and it's renewed and re-lovely every time you put it on.


  • 3.28 carat cabochon sapphire (uncertified,natural, heated)

  • 223 microscopic single cut diamonds 0.80 carat total

  • Secret stone - natural blue sapphire 0.03 ctw

  • Platinum


Finger size:

US - 5 3/4

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