Gubelin "Pigeon blood" 1.61 ct ruby r7438

Gubelin "Pigeon blood" 1.61 ct ruby r7438

Keep your thumbs, this is better than the Everlasting Gobstopper.

This delicious eye candy is the real royalty of a gem - The Pigeon Blood Burmese ruby in a flower setting with six elongated oval diamond petals. It's mysterious red glow is eternal.

The leading laboratory for colored stone testing and identification - the Swiss-based Gübelin Gem Lab assigned this stone rare color grade -“pigeon blood red".

The term has been used for centuries by the jewelry trade to describe only the finest quality rubies, which aside from their distinct colors, invariably are stones of superior quality and hence are the most coveted gems.

For a ruby to qualify for the term “pigeon blood red”, the color has to be an intense, saturated and homogeneous red.

Any type of treatment (such as heating, fissure filling, etc.) disqualifies a stone from being described as "pigeon blood red".

The stone must be relatively free of eye-visible or dark inclusions, and it must show a homogeneous color distribution with vivid internal reflections.


Finger size: US - 5 3/4 

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