These rare certified Burmese blue sapphire earrings are made for those with wanderlust in their hearts and on their minds. A poetically representative pair for someone that wants to travel, or at least to never go in just one direction in life. A sparkling duo of our True Antique™ cushion diamonds begins your exquisite symbolic journey at your earlobes. The striking juxtaposition of the shield diamonds just below them offer up a sign to move forward onto something even more exhilarating. Then the deepest blue sea of the unheated natural Burma sapphire is encased by a cluster of micro-pavé diamonds that encircle them for infinity, telling you to keep moving forever and never settle.

Drop a Hint


  • Burma  cushion sapphires total of 22.23 ct total weight
  • Micro pave
  • Cushion and shield shaped diamonds
  • French wire

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