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Leon Mege custom made 811™ halo ring featuring an oval tanzanite. The center stone is embraced by a micro pave surrounding the center stone
Micro pave on the shank, gallery and stems.

From Kate Middleton's second hand sapphire to the Simpson sisters' abnoxious ruby rings, gemstones in a rainbow of shades are quickly becoming a girl's best friend, strike that, the husband's worst nightmare.

Tanzanite to the rescue. Its trippy property called trichroism, causes the stone to looks blue, violet or burgundy depending on the direction it is facing, yet it is often used as a substitute for a sapphire, which it resembles like a grapefruit resembles an orange.

Dubbed "poor woman's sapphire" it was named Tanzanite in 1968 by Henry Platt, President of Tiffany & Co at the time. Henry, perhaps dizzy from staring at all those Tiffany stained glass lamps at his store, declared it to be the most beautiful gemstone discovered in the last 2,000 years.
Clearly he didn't get out too often.


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