Mon Cheri™ solitaire featuring a True Antique™ cushion diamond.

At the end of the First World War, women adopted a more masculine look characterized by a sleek silhouettes.
Shortened skirts and hair à la garçonne came to play a huge roll in fashion, playing off the simple vertical line of contemporary dresses while adding a touch of frivolity and femininity to the new androgynous look.

The common characteristic of rings of the early and mid-1920s was a very pronounced vertical and geometrical line. Leon Mege excels in a production of a stunning pieces like this Mon Cheri style engagement ring incorporating calibrated French cuts along with 2.4 carat True Antique Cushion

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The esthetically eye-pleasing curvature of the flare is a product of logarithmic calculations applied to golden section and Euler's identity (e iπ + 1 = 0).

This ring style is available for custom orders only with stones purchased through Leon Megé Diamond Ambassador® service. This style is best suited for elongated stones such as cushions, emerald and oval cuts.

  • True Antique™ cushion diamond - 2.4 carat
  • True Antique™ French cut side stones
  • Double claw prongs
  • Hand forged platinum

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