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The stones are available for purchase from Leon Mege Diamond Ambassador service.
Availability is subject to change without notice.

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More stones that will work well with this style could be suggested. Please call us (212) 768-3868

Shape Carat weight Grade Lab Certificate Request price
Cushion 3.60 D/VVS2 GIA 1218060606 Quote
Cushion 3.75 E/VVS2 GIA 1176727507 Quote
Cushion 3.51 D/VS1 GIA 5171740006 Quote
Cushion 3.22 D/VS2 GIA 1142947980 Quote
Cushion 3.99 G/VS1 GIA 2171739255 Quote
Cushion 3.52 F/VS1 GIA 1245513132 Quote
Cushion 3.20 E/VS1 GIA 1208654548 Quote
Cushion 3.92 E/VS2 GIA 3185255313 Quote
Cushion 3.54 F/VS1 GIA 7236824131 Quote
Cushion 3.51 F/VS1 GIA 2181004982 Quote
Cushion 3.70 G/VS1 GIA 5171868497 Quote
Cushion 3.50 F/VS2 GIA 2173695143 Quote
Cushion 3.53 F/VS2 GIA 6232671191 Quote
Cushion 3.51 F/VS2 GIA 2237229004 Quote
Cushion 3.21 F/VS1 GIA 6235688682 Quote
Cushion 3.37 G/VVS2 GIA 2207703600 Quote
Cushion 3.51 F/VS2 GIA 6241476717 Quote
Cushion 3.51 G/VS1 GIA 5186110260 Quote
Cushion 3.20 E/VS2 GIA 5206882500 Quote
Cushion 3.63 G/VS2 GIA 3195364326 Quote
Cushion 3.31 D/VS2 GIA 5186521349 Quote
Cushion 3.42 G/VS2 GIA 6232700921 Quote
Cushion 3.50 G/VS2 GIA 5161451526 Quote
Cushion 3.30 G/VS2 GIA 2151111986 Quote
Cushion 3.21 G/VS1 GIA 5256566674 Quote
Cushion 3.40 G/VS2 GIA 1166483505 Quote
Cushion 3.20 G/VS1 GIA 2185011925 Quote
Cushion 3.30 G/VS1 GIA 2171970875 Quote
Cushion 3.41 F/VS2 GIA 1182147311 Quote
Cushion 3.50 G/VS2 GIA 2198419664 Quote
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A unique diamond engagement ring is all that a girl wants. Besides many many other things.

This precious 3.56 carat cushion cut diamond in plain platinum calls back to simpler days and sweet love stories of old. 

Perhaps it was the grandparents' story you fell in love with, or someone else's, but either way, it was romantic, listened to with every fiber of her being, hoping it would be her own story when she grows up. 

A true symbol of another love story.


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