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The stones are available for purchase from Leon Mege Diamond Ambassador service.
Availability is subject to change without notice.

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More stones that will work well with this style could be suggested. Please call us (212) 768-3868

Shape Carat weight Grade Lab Certificate Request price
Oval 5.41 I/VS2 GIA 2205086759 Quote
Oval 5.65 E/VS2 GIA 2183133496 Quote
Oval 5.13 D/VS2 GIA 1182857836 Quote
Oval 5.32 D/IF GIA 1172386481 Quote
Oval 5.20 D/VS2 GIA 1192162662 Quote
Oval 6.05 K/VS1 GIA 5182645860 Quote
Oval 5.48 E/VS1 GIA 5191697705 Quote
Oval 5.37 F/VVS2 GIA 2185199709 Quote
Oval 5.14 F/VS2 GIA 2155250159 Quote
Oval 6.01 G/VS2 GIA 5201204751 Quote
Oval 5.90 H/VS1 GIA 6203215198 Quote
Oval 6.01 G/VS2 GIA 2191559600 Quote
Oval 5.30 D/VS2 GIA 1192497574 Quote
Oval 5.03 D/VVS1 GIA 5191463032 Quote
Oval 6.04 I/VS1 GIA 2195281953 Quote
Oval 5.30 I/VVS2 GIA 2165282721 Quote
Oval 5.23 J/VS1 GIA 6203047078 Quote
Oval 5.03 H/IF GIA 2121245151 Quote
Oval 5.51 G/VS1 GIA 2205000005 Quote
Oval 5.05 K/VS2 GIA 2155075360 Quote
Oval 5.02 J/VS2 GIA 11582679 Quote
Oval 6.02 J/VS2 GIA 5192179951 Quote
Oval 5.03 H/VS1 GIA 2191978140 Quote
Oval 5.01 H/VS1 GIA 6193567182 Quote
Oval 5.55 G/VS1 GIA 5202045630 Quote
Oval 5.06 E/VS1 GIA 2195392160 Quote
Oval 5.01 J/VS2 GIA 2191881926 Quote
Oval 6.00 H/VS1 GIA 1323036567 Quote
Oval 6.06 D/FL GIA 6197930547 Quote
Oval 6.01 G/VS1 GIA 6312123665 Quote
Oval 6.04 E/VS2 GIA 2155763460 Quote
Oval 6.49 I/VS2 GIA 1206290761 Quote
Oval 5.07 F/VS1 GIA 2195955487 Quote
Oval 6.03 E/VVS2 GIA 1162728903 Quote
Oval 6.00 K/VS2 GIA 1198558072 Quote
Oval 5.17 E/VS1 GIA 12490635 Quote
Oval 5.03 K/VVS2 GIA 11424556 Quote
Oval 5.02 D/VVS1 GIA 5171457312 Quote
Oval 6.35 H/VS2 GIA 5151522109 Quote
Oval 5.17 G/VS2 GIA 2193970130 Quote
Oval 6.01 I/VS1 GIA 2191625937 Quote
Oval 6.29 D/IF GIA 2185082633 Quote
Oval 5.03 I/VS1 GIA 2155931863 Quote
Oval 6.21 J/VS2 GIA 5201291253 Quote
Oval 5.04 D/VS1 GIA 2193570335 Quote
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An emotional element is present in all Leon Mege pieces, from one-of-a-kind masterpieces to an everyday wardrobe essential. This important engagement ring is set with a very sexy 5.08-carat oval diamond.

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The ring is designed to look right in various settings: an art exhibit, casual candlelight dinner, or a business meeting at Martha's Vinyard, Mar-o-Lago, or New Ark correction facility.


Numerous rows of bright-cut pave with millgrained edge, bespoke hand-forged platinum work, and, yes, the secret stone - a small blue sapphire burnished inside the shank.



greencheck.png  Any settings can be customized to fit your unique taste.

greencheck.png  We work with customers all over the world.

greencheck.png  We can adapt any design to accommodate different stones and budgets.


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