String Theory™ multi-color stack r5788

String Theory™ multi-color stack r5788



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A set of two gem-set String Theory™ bands delivering a piercing punch of vivid colors: strawberry-red spinels and electric green tsavorites.

These are extremely cute and high-quality bands, not a machine made ones, seen elsewhere.

They are made by hand in New York, set under a microscope and will remain a treasured possession for many years to come!

Stacked wedding rings have been gracing the women's fingers for centuries, but we are just now really catching on to the explosive trend.

Stackable multi-color string bands express your own unique style and personality. With so many color combinations available, the possibilities are endless!

The bands are set in 18K white gold and measure 1.3 mm in width, two bands total 86 bright and sparklingly clear stones, lovely, extremely lively stones.

While a gem-set string band is good, two is better, three ... and now you are getting somewhere! Start grouping these seemingly weightless bands and you have something dazzlingly contemporary and timeless. My advice when grouping? Mix one or two diamond ones with a multitude of colors.

Finger size: US - 5 3/4


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Two bands in a stack:

  • 44 round sapphires 0.45 carat total
  • 42 round tsavorites 0.43 carat total
  • 18K antiqued white gold
  • Mushroom pave


Finger size:

US - 5 3/4

Français - 52

But of course! - L 1/4

Deutsche - 16 1/4

日本語 - 11


Some ring sizes might not be in stock.Some ring sizes might not be in stock.

Backordered pieces have to be custom made and are not returnable.

In most cases, back ordered bands are shipped within 10 business days.



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