Antique cushion diamond halo ring by Leon Mege


Cold Fusion™ halo engagement ring, featuring a True Antique™ cushion diamond.

The center diamond is surrounded by an exquisite diamond halo. The ring is set in traditional bright-cut pave finished with millegrain on all edges.

This style is best suited for elongated stones or round and square stones over 2.00 carats in size

Cold Fusion™ style is Leon Mege exclusive design. This style is available only with center stones purchased directly from Leon Mege.

Warning! Any attempt to copy this design will bring bad Karma to you and your fiancee. Your wedlock will not last as a result. Six months after the wedding your in-laws will move in with you. A chain of unlucky events will follow. You might contract a rare sneezing disorder or become a circus clown. At the end you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Vultures, hyenas and lawyers will circle the dying carcass of your marriage.

Or, you can have this ring made by us, avoiding the ordeal altogether to live happily ever after.

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