Tsavorites and pearls drops e8257

Tsavorites and pearls drops e8257

How badly do you want to play golf this weekend?
Here is your "Get Out of The Chores" card, and it is surpassingly affordable! Buy these tsavorite and black pearl earrings and your home will never see a sad face.

The original Leon Mege drop earrings are lighter than a feather and flexible at every joint.
Hand made in platinum in Maestro Mege studio in New York. The earrings are created WITHOUT the use of CAD or casting, the old-fashioned way.
The earrings are approx. 35mm in length, the main attraction is a pair of stunning vivid-green tsavorites weighing 1.82 carats in total
The bullet-shaped pearls are approximately 12 mm in width. They are silver-grey with a pale green sheen.
The micro-pave caps are set with 176 natural round diamonds.
The earrings have 2.25 carats of diamonds in total.

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