r6541 Leon Mege custom solitaire with an oval diamond.


Striking oval diamond embraced by double claw prongs engagement ring for a modern trendsetter. The everlasting design with bright-cut pave on a gently flared cathedral shank is every bride's dream.

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Suggested Stones

The stones are available for purchase from Leon Mege Diamond Ambassador service. Availability is subject to change without notice.

We guarantee the lowest price.

More stones that will work well with this style could be suggested. Please call us (212) 768-3868

Shape Carat weight Grade Lab Certificate Request price
Oval 6.13 H/VS2 GIA 2151424195 Quote
Oval 7.03 G/VS2 GIA 2175211955 Quote
Oval 6.02 F/VS1 GIA 1152641269 Quote
Oval 7.01 I/VS2 GIA 2165562031 Quote
Oval 7.03 I/SI1 GIA 2185302432 Quote
Oval 6.01 H/VS2 GIA 2175296413 Quote
Oval 6.01 I/VS1 GIA 1162146026 Quote
Oval 6.68 F/VVS2 GIA 2175441987 Quote
Oval 6.15 G/SI1 GIA 2175879707 Quote
Oval 6.43 I/VS2 GIA 2151433107 Quote
Oval 6.24 F/VS1 GIA 6183239676 Quote
Oval 6.43 I/VS2 GIA 2151433107 Quote
Oval 6.43 I/VS2 GIA 1234567890 Quote
Oval 6.21 I/SI1 GIA 2181205810 Quote
Oval 6.01 H/VS1 GIA 5182245444 Quote
Oval 6.02 G/VVS2 GIA 2165820242 Quote