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The stones are available for purchase from Leon Mege Diamond Ambassador service.
Availability is subject to change without notice.

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More stones that will work well with this style could be suggested. Please call us (212) 768-3868

  • 2.51 I VS1 GIA 6215320697
  • 2.52 I VVS2 GIA 6173588638
  • 2.50 I VVS2 GIA 2216522137
  • 2.50 H VVS2 GIA 1172467628
  • 2.53 H VVS2 GIA 2175433869
  • 2.50 H VS1 GIA 2171612097
  • 2.81 H VS1 GIA 2214804699
  • 2.50 G VS1 GIA 2156411982
  • 2.50 G VVS2 GIA 1223212305
  • 2.51 G VVS2 GIA 1228167535
  • 2.50 F VS1 GIA 2217204765
  • 2.55 F VS1 GIA 2227777254
  • 2.52 F VS1 GIA 2168944029
  • 2.51 F VS1 GIA 1189418900
  • 2.50 F VVS1 GIA 5172617483
  • 2.54 F VS1 GIA 6205425030
  • 2.74 D VVS1 GIA 1145686892
  • 2.82 D VS1 GIA 6212419237
  • 2.82 D FL GIA 1215897275


Spectacular Mon Cheri™ style engagement ring featuring an emerald cut diamond. The center stone is held with single claw prongs flanked by channel set True Antique™ French cut diamonds.

This style is available for custom orders with stones purchased through Leon Megé only. This style is best suited for elongated stones such as cushions, emerald and oval cuts.

To build a similar ring we can offer a wide selection of stones - please check the "Suggested Diamonds" tab for a list of currently available stones perfectly matching this style.

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This is the style to caress and nurture your soul. Skip the Champs-Élysées crowd in favor of Place Vendôme style and sophistication. Truly a one of a kind ring, designed to announce to the world that you have arrived.

Exclusive True Antique™ French cut diamonds are set in a seamless channel of fiery diamond crystals. Held by almost invisible walls the custom cut diamonds flare toward the center in a brilliant explosion engulfing the center stone.

The esthetically eye-pleasing curvature of the flare is a product of logarithmic calculations applied to golden section and Euler's identity (e iπ + 1 = 0).

  • Emerald cut diamond - approx. 2.75 ct

  • True Antique™ French cut side stones

  • Single claw prongs

  • Cathedral shank

  • Hand forged platinum

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