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The stones are available for purchase from Leon Mege Diamond Ambassador service.
Availability is subject to change without notice.

Side stone guide We guarantee the lowest price.

More stones that will work well with this style could be suggested. Please call us (212) 768-3868

Shape Carat weight Grade Lab Certificate Request price
Emerald 5.00 I/VS2 GIA 15292803 Quote
Emerald 5.00 H/VVS2 GIA 1132918226 Quote
Emerald 5.00 I/VVS2 GIA 2175364348 Quote
Emerald 5.00 I/VS2 GIA 5172402537 Quote
Emerald 4.95 J/VS1 GIA 14604924 Quote
Emerald 4.91 G/VS1 GIA 5171154261 Quote
Emerald 4.88 H/VS1 GIA 5171479814 Quote
Emerald 4.87 J/VS1 GIA 2183485436 Quote
Emerald 4.83 H/VS1 GIA 16432457 Quote
Emerald 4.83 I/VS1 GIA 5161944406 Quote
Emerald 4.81 H/VS1 GIA 2171355342 Quote
Emerald 4.74 I/VS1 GIA 1132560736 Quote
Emerald 4.71 I/VS1 GIA 1172486665 Quote
Emerald 4.70 J/VS1 GIA 6167404164 Quote
Emerald 4.70 G/VS1 GIA 5171215065 Quote

Splendid five-stone engagement ring featuring an emerald cut diamond.  The spectacular stone is flanked by trapezoid and bullet diamonds perfectly set in a bespoke mounting.

To build a similar ring we can offer a wide selection of stones - please check the "Suggested Diamonds" tab for a list of currently available stones perfectly matching this style.

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  • Emerald cut diamond - approx. 4.5 carat

  • Trapezoid and bullet side stones

  • Single claw prongs

  • Raised straight shank

  • Hand forged platinum

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