Suggested Stones


The stones are available for purchase from Leon Mege Diamond Ambassador service.
Availability is subject to change without notice.

Side stone guide We guarantee the lowest price.

More stones that will work well with this style could be suggested. Please call us (212) 768-3868

Shape Carat weight Grade Lab Certificate Request price
Cushion 5.02 I/VVS1 GIA 2145642414 Quote
Cushion 6.02 E/VS2 GIA 1162674016 Quote
Cushion 5.02 D/VVS2 GIA 21656634180 Quote
Cushion 5.03 I/VS2 GIA 61935944550 Quote
Cushion 5.03 F/VVS2 GIA 11765279780 Quote
Cushion 5.30 D/VS2 GIA 51825853440 Quote
Cushion 5.48 E/VS1 GIA 11926064190 Quote
Cushion 7.02 D/VS1 GIA 11763144920 Quote
Cushion 6.02 F/VS2 GIA 21954856340 Quote
Cushion 6.19 E/VS1 GIA 21750216630 Quote
Cushion 8.09 D/VS2 GIA 21556452550 Quote
Cushion 8.11 E/VS2 GIA 21951206620 Quote
Cushion 8.18 E/VS1 GIA 61772878490 Quote
Cushion 7.46 I/VS2 GIA 21857373960 Quote
Drop a Hint

Bespoke diamond halo engagement ring that could be the one for you and your loved ones.

The ring is expertly hand-forged at Leon Mege New York atelier and set with diamond micro pave.

Featuring stunning 9.97 carat True Antique cushion diamond faceted by Leon Mege artisan cutters, as its focal point, the ring is a vivid example of Haute Couture craftsmanship Leon Mege jewelers are famous for.

It is a legacy defined by love, and forged at a time when most jewelry is printed off the computer template, when The Art is replaced by a mindless cloning.

Replicas for replicants. 

Blade runners don't need a Voight-Kampff test to tell us apart from replicants.

One look at the engagement ring - and it's all clear.

Only humans will wear a hand crafted diamond engagement ring, Because a replicant is OK with a replica. Right Mr. Deckard?


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