Heirloom stones

Heirloom stones

Whether we are supplying the keystone or resetting a client's treasured heirloom piece, you are assured of smart designs and impeccable artistry. A diamond is forever, but the ring holding it is not. Give your heirloom a bespoke upgrade. Is your stone an heirloom?

Merriam-Webster definition of an heirloom: a valuable object that is owned by a family for many years and passed from one generation to another.

Bring in your old jewelry or a loose stone you inherited, and we will work with you to design and craft something new using the same diamonds and gemstones. 

Rules for accepting an heirloom stone

Your stone must remain in our possession during the time of production. We are fully insured so there is no additional risk

You bear the risk (however small) for the damage to the stone during the setting. If any damage occurs, you will be responsible for the stone replacement.

You will still be charged for the mounting - it's your responsibility to supply or pay for the substitute or pay for repairing (re-polishing or re-cutting) the stone. Commissions with heirloom stones require full payment upfront. However, when the stone is sufficiently valuable, a partial payment is acceptable.

Leon Mege heirloom diamonds and gemstones generation from generation

To create a beautiful piece of jewelry, one has to start with the most beautiful stone. Our diamonds and gemstones are hand-selected by Leon Mege and our staff gemologists for their outstanding qualities and values, as well as their intricate beauty. Leon Mege is your best choice for buying diamonds and gemstones.

To create a beautiful piece of jewelry, one has to start with the best gemstone. Our stones are hand-selected, evaluated, and vetted for their outstanding qualities and value, as well as their appearance.

By securing relationships with suppliers working with the finest jewelry houses in the world, we can offer supreme craftsmanship. Our discerning clients will find highly attractive the exquisite gemstone selection combined with our guaranteed lowest price.

A keystone is a crucial element of a jewelry piece. It should be carefully selected to be suitable for the intended design. To help you find, select, and acquire a perfect stone, we cultivate close relationships with the best diamond companies in the world.

Leon Mege jewelers allow the convenience of buying a diamond or a gemstone at a wholesale price and setting it into a bespoke custom piece unrivaled in its quality and finesse.

There are a few additional options you can explore:

  • We can trade-in your stone, regardless of when or where it was purchased.
  • If you can still return the stone to the broker, we will get you a better stone at a better price.
    In most cases, we can get the same stone you returned. We guarantee the lowest price.

Your stone is NOT an heirloom, and we respectfully decline the commission if:

  • You have contacted us prior to purchasing the stone.
  • The stone was purchased less than a month ago.
  • The stone's certificate was issued less than six months ago.

Our exclusive designs such as "Cosmo," "MonCheri," "Cold Fusion," "Lotus," etc. can only be set with stones supplied by Leon Mege. Out of respect for our colleagues, we will decline a consignment if you are already working with another jeweler. Our work is reserved exclusively for those who are specifically interested in a Leon Mege setting.

Glass/plastic filled, coated, or structurally unstable gemstones are not acceptable.

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