Repairs and Alterations

We stand by the quality of our craftsmanship.
All our jewelry is guaranteed to be free from defects for life.

Any Leon Mege piece purchased directly from us is eligible for service.
All repairs are done promptly, without delay, and with the minimum waiting time.
You can send your jewelry to us or bring it in for cleaning, repairs, sizing, or alterations.
An appointment is required to drop off an item in person.

We stand by the quality of our designs.
We will do our best to perform the necessary repairs on any item!


Routine cleaning is always free.

You are welcome to bring your Leon Mege jewelry to us anytime you feel it's necessary.
Bringing your jewelry for an inspection every six months is strongly suggested.

Simple cleaning is usually done while you wait.
An inspection will take longer, usually a few hours.
You need an appointment to come in.

During the inspection, we will check for any loose stones, micro-cracks, or deformities, and suggest possible solutions.
Any recommended repairs are optional, and they are subject to an additional cost.

Free Wedding Day service

Bring your engagement ring to us for refinishing as close to the day of the wedding as possible.
We will do our best to restore the ring to its original pristine condition by re-polishing and deep-cleaning.

We want you to wear a sparkling, brand-new looking engagement ring on your special day.

Please follow our guidelines for cleaning your jewelry at home.

Please be gentle with your jewelry, avoid knocking it around, and it will last forever.
Mistreating jewelry - how dumb can they be?

leon mege engagement diamond three stone ring


Regardless of the warranty status, a repair is attempted to be completed on the same day. An early morning appointment might be necessary.

We always attempt to complete the repair on the same day, regardless of the warranty status. To expedite the repair, we recommend an early morning appointment.

If the repair cannot be completed while you wait, we will keep your piece and will notify you when it's ready.

Please do not assume that your repair is fast and straightforward.
Sometimes a simple problem is an indication of an issue that needs to be addressed.

We will investigate and try to find the real cause of the damage and, if discovered, we will suggest a solution.

For example, a missing pave stone can be traced to an accidental bump.
In such a case, a replacement is a simple, 10-15 minute job. But when the piece is deformed, causing the metal to crack, the repair will take much longer.
There will be additional costs associated with the repair.

Please let us know the nature of the problem so we can be better prepared when you come in.
The precise timeframe cannot be determined until we examine the piece and assess the damage.
Same day repairs are not available on the last day before a weekend, vacation or holiday.

Any repair that costs over $100 requires the client's explicit consent.
Any repair costing less than $100 will be performed without asking the client's permission.
You are fully responsible for the cost of the repair.

All repairs include complimentary check-up and cleaning.


There is a minimal chance of a complication arising during the repair.
If it does, the client bears full responsibility for any inadvertent loss or damage.
We are not responsible for any monetary loss caused by the repair.


You will be notified immediately once your item is repaired, cleaned and inspected by our quality control minions.
You can call us to schedule a pick-up or we can ship it to you.
The shipping cost is your responsibility.
Please contact us for the shipping cost and delivery timeframe.

ring sizing by american jeweler leon mege


The cost of a ring sizing is the client's responsibility.
In most cases, the ring sizing costs less than $200.

We offer a one-time complimentary sizing with some exceptions:

  • Rings set with gemstones other than diamonds
  • Rings purchased on sale
  • Rings with excessive signs of wear
  • Shanks with a prosthetic mechanism for opening and closing

Additional charges apply for sizing beads, bullets, balls, and shots.
Eternity-set wedding bands cannot be sized.

Minor sizing will not void the warranty. The following chart explains what we consider a minor sizing:

  Size 0 to 3 Size 3 to 5 Size 5 to 7 Size over 7
Plain shanks ½ size down or ½ size up ¾ size down or ¾ size up size down or a full size up full size down or 1½ size up
Shanks with diamonds ⅛ size down or ¼ size up ¼ size down or ½ size up ½ size down or 3/4 size up ½ size down or a full size up


An adjustment is a minor modification to improve fit.
This is usually done free of charge.

Alteration is a significant change beyond the scope of the original design.
The cost of each modification is determined individually.

Any unauthorized alteration or enhancement of a genuine Leon Mege article will void the warranty, and the serial number will be removed from our register.

We reserve the right to refuse any repair for any reason.

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