Repairs and alterations


Online and in-house items originally purchased from Leon Megé are acceptable for repair and cleaning. All repairs are done without delay, and with minimum waiting time.
Appointments are required for routine cleaning and inspections, as well as for repairs.



We recommend to have your jewelry inspected every 6 to 10 month so that we can check for any loose stones and perform the necessary repairs before it's too late.

Simple cleaning and inspection is done free of charge and usually is done while you wait (appointment is needed).
Few days before the wedding you might want to bring your engagement ring to be cleaned and re-polished. It is done free of charge.
That way the ring will be in a pristine condition when the wedding pictures are taken.

Please follow our guidelines for cleaning your jewelry at home and use your head when wearing fine jewelry. Read about jewelry etiquette when you get a chance.



Leon Mege maintenance and repairs jewelry Regardless of the warranty satus, a repair is attempted to be completed on the same day. An early morning appointment might be necessary.

Same day repairs are not available on Fridays or on the last working day before a vacation or holiday.
Make sure to inform us of the type of repair needed. The time required to perform a repair cannot be determined precisely until we are able to examine the piece and assess the damage.

There is a relatively small probability of some issue arising during the repair process.
When it does we will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by the repair.
We will not ask for customer's conscent prior to performing a repair costing less than $100.

Work will not start until you give us a green light.
Upon the completion, cleaning, and inspection by our quality control team, the item will be sent back to you via a carrier of our choice.


A fee will be charged for all types of alterations.

Eternity bands purchased from stock or custom work set with stones purchased through our Ambassador Service qualify for a one time complimentary sizing with some exceptions:

  • Rings set with gemstones other than diamonds
  • Rings purchased as a “final sale”
  • Rings worn out to the point when extensive repair is necessary
  • Rings with specially constructed adjustable movements such as: Mege-Charnière, Finger Mate or SureFit

Eternity-set wedding bands cannot be sized (except our exclusive Stolen™ band). Minor adjustments will not void the warranty. Please consult the sizing chart to find out what is considered to be a minor sizing:


  Size 0 to 3 Size 3 to 5  Size 5 to 7  Size over 7
 Plain shanks ½ size down or ½ size up ¾ size down or ¾ size up size down or a full size up  full size down or 1½ size up
Shanks with diamonds ⅛  size down or ¼ size up ¼ size down or ½ size up ½ size down or 3/4 size up ½ size down or a full size up


Additional charges apply for sizing beads, bullets, balls and shots


Any substantial alteration will void the warranty.
Leon Megé jewelry is designed with excellent craftsmanship and professionalism.
Any supplements and modifications will alter the original aesthetics of the item.

Any unauthorized alteration or enhancement of a genuine Leon Mege piece will, in addition to voiding the warranty, render it fake.
A second hand sale of a Leon Megé piece(s) will cause it to be  removed from the catalogue of signed pieces and will void the warranty.
We reserve the right to refuse any repair for any reason.