Have a peace of mind


Your valuables are safe with us - we are fully insured


Leon Mege is fully insuredWe are covered by a jewelry industry gold standard - a Jeweler's Block policy for almost a million USD. If required this coverage could be increased accordingly to the cost of the stone we are working with.

A typical jewelers block policy is issued to manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and collectors. It's coverage is availablea range of risks, from the mining of raw material to the retailing of finished products, but is not covering the stone while it's being worked on by a jeweler or a setter.

That's why, in addition to the Jeweler's Block, we carry a special coverage against any possible damage related to our bench work, including the most dramatic moment - while the stone is being set.

While we assure that any gemstone we are working with is handled with the utmost care by qualified professionals, we do have an additional “bench clause” in our insurance policy that covers (with certain limitations and restrictions) the stone while it is being worked on (typically NOT covered by a standard policy.

This exclusive coverage is made possible due to our outstanding reputation in the jewelry trade. Our jewelers and setters are highly trained not only in the art of making jewelry, but also in steps necessary in protecting the safety and integrity of any gemstone they work with.

Protect your new purchase


Your ring is an important investment and we encourage you to get the necessary insurance protection.

  • First, get an appraisal for your ring. You can find more information about getting an appraisal here.
  • Call your current insurer to see if your engagement ring can be covered under your homeowners or rental policy. If you already have a form of property insurance, it is possible that your ring can be easily added.
  • If your ring cannot be covered under your existing homeowners/rental insurance policy, you can get a separate policy for your engagement ring. Find a jewelry insurance representative for information about rates and the limitations or conditions of your coverage.
  • Choose your deductible price. This is the amount you will pay in case something happens to your ring requiring it to be replaced (your insurer will pay the rest). While most jewelry insurers will offer different deductible options, the higher your deductible the lower your annual insurance premium payment will be.
  • Be sure to take detailed photos to include with your documentation for your insurance policy. It is recommended that you keep a set of pictures for yourself so that you have your own proof of documentation.
  • Once you've gathered all of your documentation, send it to your jewelry insurance company. You'll receive a policy to keep in your records in case anything should happen to your engagement ring.