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Jewelry is an ancient form of self-expression which predates writing by 95,000 years.
Jewelry is about personal grace and style, not wealth or affluence.

Since the creation of the “Affordable Couture” concept over 30 years ago, Leon Megé’s visionary style has been a benchmark for bespoke craftsmanship.

All Leon Megé jewelry is designed to showcase the diamonds and gems without any obstruction by metalwork.
It is painstakingly crafted to fit a specific stone, much like a bespoke suit is custom-tailored to fit only one individual.

Leon Megé is the supreme authority over every aspect of the shop production - he is himself a master jeweler with a wealth of experience stemming from decades of bench work.
Leon Megé is an accomplished jewelry designer who has won many design awards.

Leon Megé’s philosophy is simple: any gemstone, regardless of its value, must be presented in an upscale fashion reflecting its owner’s personality and taste.
It can only be achieved by creating each piece individually, faithfully following centuries-old jewelry-making techniques.
A finished piece that does not conform to our standards of craftsmanship and precision is destroyed and rebuilt from scratch.

Every Leon Megé piece is:

Protected by a Lifetime Warranty
• Hand struck with our hallmarks: logo, serial number, and assay stamps.
• Accompanied by a presentation folder, certificate of authenticity, and gemstone certificates
• Presented in our signature burgundy leather box
• Whatever your vision of perfection is, Leon Megé will guide you to its pinnacle and create a magnificent piece of jewelry that is uniquely yours.

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