What they don't tell you

"The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources" - Albert Einstein.

Describing a design that has not materialized yet is extremely difficult.

The lack of common terminology doesn't help either.

When a waiter gets an order from a customer the most important part is to remember exactly what was ordered.

When a jeweler discusses a job with a client, his goal is not to remember what is being said, but to understand what is the motivation for the client's choice.

A jeweler must be a psychologist to get inside his client’s head in order to connect and understand what is being imagined, rather than what is being told.


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With the world making the transition from brick and mortar to a cloud, choosing one diamond out of hundreds of options seems like an incredible opportunity.

 The internet actually makes sourcing and buying diamonds easier, more convenient, and less expensive, but selecting a loose diamond on your own is still wrought with a great deal of risk.

 Find out the answers to common questions, as we debunk five of the most widespread myths surrounding the transition from buying a whole ring to buying a diamond and a setting separately.


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Discounted diamondSavvy buyers know that when it comes to choosing an engagement ring, a diamond has no equal. Even with the ‘diamond cartel’ (DeBeers) pumping millions of dollars into heavy-handed promotion of diamonds, the choice of a gemstone for your engagement ring should not be between a diamond and something else, but rather between a round or not-round diamond. Whether you are rich, poor, or somewhere in between, you should expect to drop three months’ worth of your paycheck on a stunning piece of petrified carbon!

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A few years ago, a customer (who for obvious reasons will not be named) came in to have her ring cleaned. She is a very wealthy owner of an important diamond, a stone so big that it would look right at home at the Smithsonian. She spends a lot of her time going to war-torn countries  doing charity work, and she had just returned from an aid mission overseas.

“Leon,” she said, “I don’t know why I even need this diamond anymore.”

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