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How to Pick the Perfect Jewelry Gift for Your Loved One

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ewelry is one of the most traditional gifts that we give to our loved ones. However, choosing the perfect piece to give as a gift can be a daunting task. There are so many factors that go into the perfect piece of jewelry including setting, fit, stone, cut, and more. If you are thinking about getting your loved one a piece of jewelry for an upcoming occasion, or simply as a random token of affection, below are a few tips that should help you make your choice.

Decide on what your budget is.

Budget is a huge factor when it comes to choosing jewelry. Before you start looking around, you should have a rough estimate of how much you want to spend. There is a wide range of price points from affordable custom pieces to premium pieces covered with perfect clarity diamonds. There are typically incredible options at many price points that will satisfy both you and your loved one, you just need to know where to look.

If you are choosing an item that requires sizing, be careful.

If you know your partner’s sizes, great, but if you don’t then there is no need to stress. There are pieces that do not require sizing like necklaces and earrings. It can be helpful to restrict your search to things that don’t require sizing if you are unsure. You can also find a smooth and casual way to ask your loved one what size they are without ringing any alarm that you might be getting them a gift in the near future.

Check out the items that they wear regularly.

A good idea if you are considering purchasing a jewelry gift is to pay attention for a week or so to see what pieces your loved one wears each day. Find out if they are constantly wearing the same pieces, or if they change it up more often depending on what they are wearing. Keeping an eye on what your loved one likes to wear can help you find something that would fit into their rotation, and match their style. Talk to your jeweler about what you observe and they should be able to steer you in the right direction.

Speak to an experienced custom jeweler.

If you are still uncertain about what you’re looking for, seek the assistance of a reputable custom jeweler. They provide assistance, ask you questions about what you observed, and find the perfect piece that will satisfy both you and your partner. The right piece of jewelry can be an incredibly a romantic gift that will absolutely delight your loved one. Following these simple tips should help you find the perfect item for their jewelry collection more easily.

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