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How To Buy a Diamond At A Deep Discount

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Discounted diamondSavvy buyers know that when it comes to choosing an engagement ring, a diamond has no equal. Even with the ‘diamond cartel’ (DeBeers) pumping millions of dollars into heavy-handed promotion of diamonds, the choice of a gemstone for your engagement ring should not be between a diamond and something else, but rather between a round or not-round diamond. Whether you are rich, poor, or somewhere in between, you should expect to drop three months’ worth of your paycheck on a stunning piece of petrified carbon!


Diamonds come in a dizzying variety of cuts, shapes, qualities and brands, and buying them can be an amazing experience. But do you know what’s even better? Getting that diamond at an incredible discount — up to 50% off what fancy jewelry stores are charging! Is this really possible? It is with Leon Megé direct-to-consumer service.
In business since 1996 and online since 1997, Leon Megé offers smart shoppers deeply discounted diamonds direct from all major diamond cutters. You can save on every stone and hand-made engagement ring produced in-house entirely by hand. Browse and compare different shape, color, clarity and size categories and combinations.

The road taken by a diamond engagement ring leads through several stops:
First a diamond cutter turns rough diamonds into faceted gems;
The diamond dealer buys the gems and resells them to manufacturers of finished jewelry, or to a retailer;
The jewelry manufacturer then sells finished jewelry to a wholesaler or retailer; and
The retailer sells the finished diamond jewelry to a consumer, either in a store or online.

The title “diamond dealer,” “diamond broker,” “vendor,” “wholesaler,” etc. does not have a clear definition. In fact, there is no legal obligation for any person or company to belong to any specific group in the chain of diamond supply. Even if you see words such as “wholesale,” “direct,” “warehouse,” etc., these might be misleading characterizations. The responsibility of doing diligent research into the legitimacy of anyone in the diamond supply chain is up to the consumer. There are many new players on the scene today; the century-old chain of supply has been severely affected by the arrival of online shopping.

One thing to watch out for is the diamond broker, a scavenger who lurks in the trade’s shadows trying to squeeze few extra bucks by “flipping” stones (the diamond market's equivalent of a day trader on Wall Street). These brokers sometimes call themselves “online vendors.” An “online vendor” purchases diamonds from the diamond market feed (which is accessible to all diamond merchants) and resells the diamond at a premium, without investing in the overhead associated with running a legitimate business. Low overhead sounds like a great deal for a consumer, right? Wrong! The consumer ends up paying a price that is only slightly lower than retail. The online vendor pockets the rest.

New York is a clearinghouse for diamonds cut around the globe. Most diamond cutters list their stones on trade-only networks accessible by any trade member, dealer, broker, or retailer. In fact, there is a good chance that the stone you are buying from a faceless online retailer is actually sitting in the vault of a dealer in New York’s Diamond District! Diamond cutters would actually rather sell diamonds at a discount than let them sit in a vault — getting a small profit is better than getting nothing at all. But if the cutter just lowers the price, dealers might keep their prices the same and simply pocket the difference. Cutters don’t want to risk alienating their main supplier of rough diamonds, the ‘diamond cartel’ on one side, and their customers, the wholesale diamond dealers, on the other.

At Leon Megé, we bypass the dealers completely and buy direct from the cutters in order to get the best possible deal for you. Our company is authorized by a select few cutters to offer the highest-quality diamonds to our loyal customers, who get a top-shelf diamond at a significant discount. Our exclusive diamond suppliers like this arrangement because it helps to move the inventory and to maintain liquidity, and smart shoppers who use our services love the deeply discounted rates.

By the way, don’t assume these deals are for undesirable rejects and gems from hard-to-sell categories. In fact, we see diamonds of every cut, color and clarity hit the ‘unsold list’; we even on occasion see D Flawless gems go for steep discounts! The Leon Megé website is constantly updated with new markdowns and discounted deals. There are also special rates for in-house selection, as well as special unannounced private offers. To be informed of the latest news and special offers, you can sign up for our Mailing List. By signing up, you’ll be part of a privileged group that gets access to special unpublished discounts.

When you shop with Leon Megé, before you know it you’ll be engaged with the best rock your money can buy, plus you’ll have lots of money left over for those “unimportant” things like paying your student loan, buying a house, or raising a family!

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