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Affordable engagement

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Affordable engagement


Leon Megé is a jeweler who is not part of a business conglomerate or faceless corporation. He is an artisan. His personal involvement with every aspect of designing and constructing jewelry makes him unique in the industry.

You will stand out from the crowd if you wear a Leon Megé engagement ring! Our custom-made engagement rings are the most affordable ones found in the high-end jewelry market. You simply won’t find the hand-forged quality and impeccable European style we are known for at lower prices anywhere else.

Leon Megé’s mission is to bring to discerning consumers the same custom bench work that Fifth Avenue retailers reserve for their most expensive pieces, regardless of whether your stone is worth $50 or $5 million.

How are we able to offer such low pricing for this level of craftsmanship? In several ways:


  • We are ‘vertically integrated’ - we cut stones, alloy platinum, make jewelry, set pavé, identify stones, maintain a website to interface with our clients, and even shoot our own photographs and videos to display our work.
  • All work is done on premises in New York City.
  • We sell directly to you – there are no commissioned salespeople.
  • We have a low overhead - we do not shower visitors with souvenirs or fancy drinks. Our savings go directly to our paying customers.


The Custom Difference

Commissioning a custom ring requires a degree of imagination and trust on the part of the buyer. It is not for everyone; sometimes it is better to pay the retail price for a ready-made piece than to face the potential for a result that is less than satisfying.

None of the pieces we make are exactly the same; each one is custom tailored to fit a particular stone. We do not offer computer-generated renderings, as they tend to bear very little resemblance to the finished product. Instead, we use high-quality photographs and videos to show off our past work.

Every piece is made by hand, starting from raw wire. We consider it extremely important that we be allowed a degree of artistic freedom while the bench work is being done. Leon Megé’s expertise, experience and artistry is the best assurance of ultimate success.


Ten Easy Steps to Your Dream Ring

  1. Set the budget
  2. Choose a stone shape and ring style
  3. Request a price quote based on your budget
  4. Work with us on selecting the best stone for your budget
  5. View the stone either in person or via high-resolution video
  6. Reply to a questionnaire or speak directly with Leon about the specific details of the ring
  7. Return the signed Purchase Order along with a deposit
  8. Wait as the custom work swiftly commences
  9. Receive a final invoice and pay the balance
  10. Delight in the finished ring that is shipped directly to you!


The Budget

First decide what your minimum requirements are. Setting the budget at an artificially low level will not miraculously result in a ‘bargain.’ At the same time, be realistic about your finances. Blowing all of your savings on a diamond ring will not do anyone any good! But once the budget is set, do not be tempted to go a penny over it - when it comes to jewelry, someone will always offer a ‘great deal’ only if you spend just a little more. It is a rookie mistake to keep changing your budget!


Select a Design

Don’t waste your time online. Most jewelry you see online is mass produced. The images are heavily edited at best; at worst, they are computer renderings that poorly reflect the actual product.

In this age of the Internet, the idea of looking through glossy magazines might feel strange, but it is actually an excellent source of inspiration. Visiting retail jewelry stores is another source of inspiration. Go to Tiffany’s, Cartier, Harry Winston, Graff, Fred Leighton, or Stephen Russell and look around. Decide what details inspire you.

Finally, look through our Portfolio. It contains over 1000 images and covers 99% of engagement styles. Think of it this way - if we haven’t done it already, it is probably not the best idea!

Stay conservative! (We don’t mean politically.) When it comes to jewelry, conservative means traditional, simple, and minimalistic. You might be a rebel now, but 10 years from now you might find that black diamond ring ridiculous.

Unless you are interested in purchasing one of our stock pieces, we will not be able to accommodate a request for an appointment at this time. As we are a custom salon and not a retail store, we are not able to ‘meet and greet’ without a guarantee of your making a purchase.


Request a Quote

We can generate a price quote in several ways.

We suggest checking our Stock Items section first to see if there is a ready-made ring that appeals to you. Use our ‘Make Me an Offer I Can’t Refuse’ feature if you are interested in testing our willingness to negotiate.

If none of the stock Items appeal to you, head straight to our Custom Work section and find a ring in our portfolio that you like. Click on the ‘Quote Custom Work’ button to open a simple form with the image number for the ring you like already inserted for your convenience.

Alternatively, you can also use the generic Quote Form Quote Form found on our front page. You will need to insert the image number from the ring you have chosen in order to submit that form. Once the form is submitted, you will see a short optional form where you can let us know your budget, as well as minimum diamond color and clarity. It is not necessary to fill in the optional information, but it will help us in calculating a more precise quote.

To learn more about incorporating heirloom stones in Leon Megé jewelry, please read this first.


Selecting a Stone

The diamond trade is a network of dealers and re-sellers. Regardless of whether they call themselves retailers, wholesalers, brokers, private jewelers, diamond consultants, diamond connoisseurs, diamond specialists, diamond concierges, online distributors, etc., a re-seller is a middleman who wants to sell you a diamond listed on the Diamond Network at a small profit.

Diamonds are a commodity, with the rare exception of artisan cuts such as an Asscher cut or a True Antique™ Cushion. Almost every website (including ours) features a Diamond Search interface. Some are easier to use than others, some are more limited in scope, but ALL search through the exact same diamond listings. This means, you can buy the same diamond from anybody with access to the network, whether it is an industry giant like BlueNile or a small mom-and-pop jewelry store in Kansas. The price difference is simply the amount of commission either one is charging - pretty much like buying a case of beer at different supermarkets.

We have enjoyed access to the Diamond Network for more than a decade. We do not charge fancy ‘designer fees’ for our service. Quite the opposite - we charge less than anybody else. In addition to paying less for the same stone, you will get a significant reduction in our custom work fees.


Get in Touch

Did you know the shelf life for a diamond is less than a week? What we mean by that is we will not hold a specific stone for more than few days. If you are not ready to buy, simply let us know. We will wait for you to contact us again in the future rather than bother you by calling every five minutes! It is essential to get in touch with us as quickly as possible once you are ready to order your custom ring. Since we will have already spent a considerable amount of time selecting the stone, we will want to be sure you are ready to move forward so we don’t re-list the diamond and have to repeat the same diamond search work in the future.

If you live within traveling distance from midtown Manhattan, please call or email to arrange a viewing of your stone. If you prefer a long distance transaction, we will send you a high-resolution video of the stone.

Depending on the circumstances, arrangements for viewing more than one stone will require a $400 retainer.

Getting in touch is easy - call (212)768-3868 or send us an email


Discuss the Options

Whether you visit our showroom in person or connect with us by phone or email, we will need to discuss the design of the ring after the stone has been selected. Some people prefer to leave that decision to Leon, while others insist on specifying the minute details. Whatever your preferences, we will patiently consult with and educate you on every aspect of the design. We will then present you with a written Purchase Order (or Work Order for heirloom stones). That Order must be signed and a deposit must be made in order for work to commence.


Why Choose Us?

Our jewelry is custom made. We do not use ‘semi-mounts,’ and we do not use replicas or computer-generated models.

We make classic jewelry in the distinct Leon Megé style:


  • Minimum amount of visible metal. The metal is concealed to allow diamonds to “float” in thin air
  • Setting stones low on the finger (with rare exceptions)
  • Classic aesthetics. Leon Megé is a master in choosing the right proportions, angles and curvatures
  • Attention to minute details. Every surface, whether you can see it or not, is perfectly finished.
  • Impeccable style. We will help you choose the best style for your stone
  • World-famous, nearly invisible ‘Eagle Claw’ prongs
  • Precise sizing. We measure and produce our rings in ⅛-inch increments
  • We use only the finest materials: pure alloys and Leon Megé approved gemstones


Save with Us!

We charge less for diamonds and gemstones than anyone else and will match any legitimate offer from a competitor. We will match a competitor’s price even if it is inferior to our own craftsmanship.

When you order a custom-made ring with a stone purchased from us, we will charge even less. In addition, you will get free domestic shipping and a free in-house appraisal.


Exquisite styling, customized details, experienced artisans, and the lowest prices in the industry – that is the Leon Megé experience.


For more information on prices and payment click here>>


For shipping instructions click here>>

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