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Art Deco South Sea Black Pearls e8226

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We are presenting you with the magnificent Art Deco-style diamond chandeliers set with French-cut diamonds.


High-luster black South Sea Pearls are flexing their mussels for your enjoyment. People delight in stories because they are a playground for their imagination, a powerful way to build a psychological attachment to an inanimate object.

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These earrings do not need a story; they are the story. A jewelry buyer from Barney's the iconic department store in New York once told me: Jewelry does not need to be pretty, it needs to have a story. I can sell a can of Coke as a piece of Jewelry if it has a story. Apparently, most people disagreed with this sentiment. Barney's declared bankruptcy and went out of business.


  • 78 single cut diamonds 0.85 ctw
  • 18 French cut diamonds 1.65 ctw
  • 48 full-cut diamond 0.65 ctw
  • 16.0 mm cultured black South Sea pearls
  • Diamond studied French wire
  • The earrings are approx. 60 mm (2 1/4") in length


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