Custom made halo pendant featuring a pear shaped fancy vivid blue diamond by Leon Mege.


Reminiscent of a piece of opulent antique Victorian jewelry, this breathtaking pendant is full of charm and intrigue, just like the Victorian era.

A natural fancy blue diamond is one of the rarest and most valuable gemstones in the world and this one is paired with exquisite intricacies. Like secret passageways in an old Victorian home, one side is covered in a unique handcrafted latticework in platinum and rose gold.

The piece is elegantly embraced by a fancy pink diamond micro-pavé . This custom made pendant features a fine pear-shaped 31.69 carat fancy blue diamond that stands out amongst all others. 


  • Natural fancy blue diamond - 31.69 carat
  • Fancy pink diamond micro pave
  • Hand forged platinum and 18K rose gold