Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring

"...In chemistry, the diamond, being pure carbon, is one of the most common elements. Yet it fashioned by nature into a magnificent crystal with the most dramatic history of all gems..." -- C.W. de Kiewiet.

Why choose a diamond engagement ring at all?

Diamond substitutes and simulants can be a smart choice for a newly formed family saving up for education or housing. Not to mention the money pit of childbirth and baby stuff.

would you marry me Leon MegeAlternatives will allow breathing room for your overstretched budget without the need to rebel against society's conventions in a moment of a financial bottleneck.

Any gemstone used in an engagement ring is a permanent token of eternal love or just a temporary placeholder that is called a “Diamond Substitute.” A diamond look-alike, whether it’s used to fool others or just a stand-in waiting to be replaced by a diamond is referred to as a “Diamond Simulant.”

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Common reasons given for not wanting a diamond in an engagement ring:

  • Blood diamonds
  • Diamonds are boring
  • Diamonds are expensive
  • Diamonds are ugly

Really? What if I tell you:

“The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.” ? Robertson Davies

Media attention has been drawn to the issue of a fraction of the world's diamonds extracted from war-torn geographic regions, so-called "conflict" or "blood" diamonds that are sold by rebel forces to fund insurrection.

The heinous acts of violence committed by the bands of thugs must be condemned. However, we all know that throughout all human history any valuable resource was a cause of vicious pillaging and murders. Diamonds are not unique triggers of violence and horror, they are simply more recent ones.

When people question the ethics of buying diamonds, they cannot escape a contradiction of a selective logic: even today more people are harmed in the quest for good old gold, yet a brainless “do-gooder” eagerly rejects a diamond in favor of a gold ring.

It is not possible to distinguish conflict diamonds from diamonds produced in other regions once they have been polished. US legislation banned the stones from the trade through an international system of certification known as the Kimberley Process. Today all diamond imports and trades must conform to the Kimberley Process system.

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Why diamonds?

"Capitalism is about turning luxuries into necessities”  -- Andrew Carnegie (1835—1919)

  • Diamonds are an ancient tradition
  • Diamonds are rare and valuable
  • Diamonds are clear and pure
  • De Beers brilliant marketing strategy
  • Diamonds are status symbols
  • Diamonds are beautiful

Interesting fact:

Leon Mege Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights Archduke Maximilian

Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights Archduke Maximilian of Austria is known to be the first to present a diamond engagement ring, which was in the year 1477. How ironic is it that even centuries ago a rap-star-like name was a prerequisite for starting a fad! As far as we know, before that diamonds were NOT used in engagement rings. In fact, a diamond engagement ring is such a recent development that we are not even sure whether or not it will last to the end of this century.

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