Leon Megé Photography


Professional photographer and occasional paparazzi Mr. Richard Garffin and his energetic partner for life Rolando of GMK Imaging work closely with us to capture our work on film. Except these days it's mostly zeros and ones.

Richard is a true artist, his photos are truly amazing in composition and clarity. Leon Mege thanks Richard and his team for their fabulous photography and creating amazing videos of our jewelry.

We appreciate their continued generous help in building this web presentation. Our lookbook curated and assembled by Rolando is readying to be published. We are grateful for his kind support and advice.

Leon Mege Inc and GMK Imaging signed a multi-year licensing deal. In exchange for exclusive rights to photograph Leon Mege jewelry, GMK Imaging gave us unlimited right to use the video and photographic material anyway we want without having to pay additional licensing fees.

Starting from July 2013 we offer a personal customized ENGAGEMENT VIDEO of your finished ring, complete with your favorite soundtrack, your personal slideshow or personal video footage. This service will be available for free to our customers who purchase their center stone(s) from our Diamond Ambassador®.

  • Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.
  • he video will be delivered electronically via email. A DVD with a HD copy of the video can be mailed to you at an additional fee.
  • The video cannot be changed or modified without explicit permission of Leon Mege and GMK Imaging
  • The video cannot be broadcast without our written consent.
  • The video will remain a property of Leon Mege, Inc. We retain the right to use parts or the whole video for promotional purposes, posting it online on websites such as YouTube or Vimeo, or using the whole video or part of it as stock footage.
  • Requests for the videotaping of your actual piece being made cannot be accommodated at this time. We will use a generic footage instead.

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