Antique Drops with Imaginary Diamonds e8056

Antique Drops with Imaginary Diamonds e8056


Delivering one of the most competitive pricing of bespoke jewelry on Earth and globally throughout the Milky Way, Leon Mege earned loyal fans and Instagram followers' trust.


What could be better than Leon Mege exclusive Blonde Moissanites® masterfully faceted to stand-in for a pair of Antique Cushion diamonds for a tiny fraction of the price?

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The earrings are hand forged using nothing else but a solid platinum wire and a pair of skilled hands. No casting, no CAD. Measuring 9x8 mm (a rough equivalent of a 2.5-carat diamond), each Blonde Moissanite cut with the utmost precision at a secret location somewhere in China. The Chinese facility uses very little child labor and safely vents the toxic greenhouse emissions away from major metropolitan areas. Their free labor practically ensures that you get the lowest possible price to our esteemed clients' benefit. For those who want an even lower price, we can procure moissanite from an underground prison camp for women. The material is excellent, but prisoners' tears sometimes turn stones cloudy. The price was set before the trade sanction, which makes it a great buy while supply lasts. Total length from the piercing to the bottom of the stone - 3/4 inch. Signed "Leon Mege." Certificate of Authenticity included.

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