True Antique™ Cushion Cut



What makes a True Antique™ Cushion Diamond so exclusive that just a handful of them are cut every year?

Leon Megé’s True Antique™ cushion cut diamonds are exclusive and unique. Not every Antique cushion diamond qualifies to be True Antique™ Cushion.

There are plenty of Antique Cushion diamond cuts on the market that would not pass the rigorous requirements we bestow upon our special selection. These diamonds are chosen by Leon Mege for their exceptional beauty. They are NOT vintage stones or stones taken out of old jewelry.

True Antique™Cushion diamonds are currently being cut in New York by our family of artisan diamond cutters who have mastered cutting diamonds for generations. They are still cut by hand the same way they were cut 100 years ago.

Antique Cushion Cuts are the only authentic cushion diamionds in the world. They are cut for optimal beauty which is measured by the best tool available to mankind - a human eyes.

True antique cushion cut diamond pavilion doesn't have bulges - pavilion protrusions increasing diamond's weight without contributing to it's appearance. It's high crown make it a stand out in any mounting, more of the stone is visible from a longer distance and at odd angles.

Compare a modern cut stone with it's low crown to a pita bread and an antique cut with high towering crown to a loaf of bread sitting on a table far away. Obviously you can see the loaf of bread but not much of the pita.

For our French clients - compare a modern cushion to a crepe, and an antique cushion to a croissant. As for New Yorkers - an antique cushion is like a bagel, modern cushion is like a bialy, capiche?

You want to own a True Antique cushion diamond because of its:
  • prismatic properties maximize the fire
  • brilliance is contrasting - like that of white and black squares on a chessboard (a checkerboard in rural Long Island)
  • girdle is much lower, so shorter prongs required to hold it, stronger grip, less metal
  • crown is higher, more of the stone is visible even from distance
  • high crown is a perfect match for a popular halo ring design
  • unobstructed pavilion allows enough space for the ring's basket to be concealed
  • exceptional pedigree (all famous diamonds are antique cushions)
  • uniqueness and rarity

At any given time there are only few hundreds of True Antique™ cushion diamonds on the market, they all vary in size and quality. Compare it with tens of thousands of modern cushions. True Antique™ cushion diamond is harder to fashion out of a piece of rough, yielding a smaller stone.

Less than a dozen cutters on the planet even know how to cut these stones. Therefore they are sold at premium ( approximately 5-10 above the cost of the modern cushions) and set only in the most exclusive jewelry produced today.

The real virtue of any antique diamond cut is not their "light return" measured by imbeciles at AGS gem lab with a cone shaped contraption. The antique stones were cut at a time when most rooms were lit up by candles. The cut excels at maximizing the dispersion - prismatic effect of splitting light into primary colors. This is called "diamond fire" and it's a diamond most prised property.

Diamond brilliance, on the other hand, is a property that is good in moderation. If you ever played with kaleidoscopes as a child, you can easily imagine how the size of the flecks (in our case - size of diamond facets) affect the aesthetics of the resulting pattern.

The larger facets on all antique diamonds result in fewer reflections, but more pronounced and contrasting. Too much of brilliance caused by small diamond facets result in dreaded "crushed ice" look, typical for modern cushions.

Computer software is not capable of evaluating the beauty of a cushion diamond cut, instead they rely on measuring the amount of light reflected by a stone. By that logic a bathroom mirror is your best diamond. But a diamond is not a mirror and it’s beauty just like that of a multi-shaped three dimensional object is immensely complicated.

Beware of Bogus Vintage Cushion Cut Diamonds

How do you tell True Antique™ Cushion cut from your average vintage stone? Very few diamantaires in the world have an intimate understanding of Antique diamonds and specifically cushions.

Only a diamond expert involved with designing and cutting the stones can qualify to guide the consumers on the virtues of antique cushion cut. The ultimate authority in this field is Leon Mege - a diamontaire with decades of experience and several patents on antique diamond cuts under his belt.


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