Diamond Stand-ins

diamond stand ins Leon Mege


Breaking with the custom of a diamond ring is usually done under the guise of some phony moralistic reasoning.

With the exception of natural gemstones, the real reason for skipping a diamond is supreme cheapness and lack of class.
The diamond industry is the only industry that offers a product that will look and function exactly the same for millions of years.
A 100-years old refrigerator has no value (except as a collectible artifact), but a diamond purchased at the same time will outlast the Great Pyramids.

Unfortunately, buying something that never needs a replacement is not as much fun as shopping for a new iPhone every year.
People like to buy things over and over because shopping is fun.



leon mege snow spinel diamond substitite

Spinel rivals a diamond in its brilliance 
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Cubic Zirconia

Leon Mege ideal cut hears and arrows CZ cubic zirconia

More fire but less brilliance
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leon mege moissanite yellow green illustration

A crystal form of silicon carbide 
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aquamarine loose diamond replacement leon mege

Best natural diamond stand-in
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Blue Sapphire

blue sapphire engagement ring replacement center by Leon Mege

Why diamond? Follow the Royals!
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Treated CZ - ASHA

Leon Mege photo  asha coated CZ

Coated CZ made to look more natural
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White Sapphire

white sapphire diamond substitute by Leon Mege

Washed out and glassy, but a good name
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white zircon diamond engagegement ring replacement leon mege

The Fake Diamond of the past
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Round danburite diamond engagegment ring replacement by leon mege

Connecticut Diamond - too soft, too pink
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Synthetic Diamond

Synthetic diamond man made created in lab

Man made diamond for those who care
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Bleached Moissanite

Amora Gem review by Leon Mege carborundum silicon carbide

A wet dream of a steampunk aficionado
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white topaz by Leon Mege

Cheap and yellow-ish, but natural
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